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A gateway to stillness and reconnection to the nature that surrounds us. For the last 15 years, Rebecca’s yoga and meditation practices have, provided her with the strength and space to stay grounded amid a busy life that has spanned many careers and cities.

It is her philosophy that the practice is far more powerful with a deeper connection to nature and it is from this space that we can reach our true potential. The connections between nature and the practice is a philosophy that Rebecca continues to experience through her passions for skiing, hiking and the great outdoors. 

Her thirst for knowledge has lead to trainings in Vinyasa Flow, Mindfulness, YIN and Reiki. It is her mission, as a Brooklyn based yoga teacher, to share this ongoing learning with all her students. Simply, Rebecca believes that yoga should be for everyone. Her classes and approach to teaching reflect this. Considerate of her students’ ability, her vinyasa and yin classes allow everyone to not only build confidence in their own practice but also welcome a sense of calm and connection to nature back into their lives.